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[E-BOOK] Poland in the European Union - perspectives of membership Politics. Economy and Society. Culture...

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Year 2017 marks 13 years of Poland membership in the most important organization integrating the Old Continent - the European Union. In 2004, the year of accession, the EU was at the top of its development – not only did it accept 10 new members increasing its own economic and demographic potential by about 80 million people, but it also healed the wounds caused by the division of the continent, which had lasted for over six decades. The member states created the biggest economic entity of the world, a free market with more than 500 million consumers producing the highest GDP of the globe, enjoying the fruits of the ambitious common currency Euro project since 2001. The image of European power was flawless at that time and its further dynamic development seemed obvious. That was the Community built by successors of Robert Schuman, Konrad Adenauer and Alcide De Gasperi and the one accessed by Poland carrying hope of millions of its citizens. (From Introduction)

Book conceived of several scholar approches gathered into four sections: political, economic, cultural and IR processes which began on May 1, 2004 as Poland, one of ten coutries, joined European Union. The scope of some papers goes back to previous decades when the EU structure was shapeing.

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(red.) Andrzej Rudowski, Mariusz Sulkowski
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